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Our Signature Product

Bajra (in Hindi), which means “pearl millet.” As the name suggests, pearl millet has great health benefits.

The grain is grown mostly in Africa and India, an important food source. However, other places in the world grow and eat it.

The edible seeds of the pearl millet plant were called bajra in the past. Snowy white, pale yellow, dark brown, and deep blue-purple are just some of the colours you’ll see.

Bajra is full of antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemicals.

Tasty, Crunchy & Nutritious

Our range of Healthy and Nutritious Cookies

Our Cookies are a tasty mix of healthy and unadulterated grains like Bajra, Wheat, crunchy Corn flakes, Suji and Coconut with great health benefits.


Ingredients to make

Our cookies are made with love and are baked with Desi Ghee, Raw Sugar (khand), Milk and Crunchy Corn Flakes.

CALCIUM 77mg per 100 grams
DIETARY FIBER 5g per 100 grams
IRON 2.9mg per 100 grams


"Millets have been around for centuries, but they're currently experiencing a resurgence, both for consumers who enjoy their taste and for farmers who appreciate how reliable they are to grow. They can also help us fight malnutrition".
- Bill Gates